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Khinkali at Ossington Stop – A Dundas West Must Eat

Khinkali Georgian Dumplings Ossington Stop Toronto Dundas West Toronto Must Try

Khinkali are Juicy Georgian Meat Dumplings

The owner of Toronto’s Ossington Stop, Denis, makes the khinkali by hand every afternoon before opening. This is important for the texture of the dough and the flavour of the meat. Each dumpling is filled with a seasoned minced meat, while still raw, that way when it cooks the juices remain inside. Eaten similarly to a soup dumpling, you should suck out the broth first, and then enjoy the dumpling with a chilli sauce and/or sour cream.


How to Eat Khinkali:

Khinkali should be eaten with your hands, and picked up by the firm stem (‘kudi’) created by the twisted dough. The dumpling should be inverted so that when you bite into it, all the juices stay inside. It may be hot, but the next step is to slurp out the broth. Once you consume the dumpling with your choice of condiments, or au natural, you leave the kudi on your plate in order to count how many khinkali you’ve managed to crush. At Ossington Stop, Dennis makes the kudi thinner so that you can eat it if you like.

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