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Ossington Stop


A pleasantly kitsch Russian dive bar on Dundas West

Ossington Stop in Toronto is an unpretentious bar just west of Ossington Ave. on Dundas. Chef and bartender Denis Ganshonkov is the one-man-show serving up a mix of homey food, cheap drinks, and ‘Russian-ness’ that result in a memorable visit every time. When I first moved to the area, Ossington Stop was one of the first places I felt like a ‘local.’

Smoking Cats Toronto Ossington Stop Eating Through TO

After you take in the hilarious art comprised of Vladimir Putin as a super hero, cats smoking, and other Soviet memorabilia, you’ll find a dark, cozy little bar to grab a mug of beer or some vodka.

Russian Borscht Toronto Ossington Stop Eating Through TO

The menu is inspired by Chef Denis’ experience growing up with the foods in the ex-soviet union. On the menu you’ll find hearty fare such as Borscht, cured salmon with dark rye and pickled onions, or the must-eat Georgian dumplings- Khinkali.

Khinkali Georgian Dumplings Toronto Ossington Stop Eating Through TO

We love Ossington Stop for the great value, true sense of hospitality, and the pride with which the dishes are made and served.

Open Tuesday-Sunday starting at 6pm. 1164 Dundas St. West.

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