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Knockout Ice Cream

Knockout Ice Cream is one of a few tasty establishments that are housed in an industrial building full of retail units that serve as art galleries, film studios, a workshop crafting bespoke spectacles, as well as notable spots like Famiglia Baldassarre, Yongehurst Distillery, and Darkhorse Espresso. Needless to say, a Postal Code we’ll be in frequently.

From Arthur Pazzelli, one of the co-owners that brought you many unique flavours at Bang Bang Ice Cream on Ossington, comes the equally interesting Knockout Ice Cream in Dovercourt Village. Bang Bang? Knockout? We see what you did there!

Knockout offers creative flavours, from miso caramel to sour green apple served in a number of way. Have your ice cream in sandwich form between two cookies or opt for a scoop or two in a fresh Hong Kong bubble waffle. Another thing we love at Knock Out is that they garnish some of their recipes like the mango sticky rice with a portion of sweet, sticky rice and captain crunch with crisp cereal to add a textural surprise. It delivers the childhood joy of going for ice cream even to adults. 

This spot has similar vibes to the Ossington strip hub we’ve come to love, with just enough space to order and take your treat to-go and a big board behind the counter listing the flavours of the day.

In the summer be ready for a wait – ice cream fans near and far line up for these cool flavours. 

Visit Knockout Ice Cream at 342 Westmoreland Avenue North.

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