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Parallel Brothers

Sit down to brunch, lunch, or dinner at Parallel Brothers, a tahini production factory/Mediterranean restaurant/cafe that does some interesting things with sesame butter. 

This lively and hip spot is a breath of fresh air on Geary Avenue and provides a delicious hub for the area’s locals to grab a bite to eat. 

Embracing an open-concept design, most of this two storey venue is visible including the kitchen and production space which reflects the overall transparency of the operation. Other cool features are the upstairs seating area which has a window directly facing the train tracks and a table made from a shipping container. Also there’s an herb garden on top of the washroom – they really do make use of the space!

But enough about the building – let’s talk about food! On the menu you’ll see three types of sesame butter (tahini) – pure, beet, and smoky – all house-made using an ancient mill. If you really fall in love with it, and we’re sure you will, you can pick up a jar on the shelf at the front of the restaurant. Consider it an edible souvenir. 

Kale salads, herbed falafel, and hummus are the feature dishes that are worth stopping in for. Speaking of hummus, you’ve never had it like this – the truffle hummus topped with soy mushrooms, tahini, parsely, and paprika is what can only be described as divine. And they also do take-out!

Truly a community operation, they serve Pilot coffee and Blood Brothers craft beer from down the street. Team work makes the dream work after all. 

Parallel’s flavours and atmosphere come together thanks to the experience of the three Ozery brothers – Alon, Guy, and Aharon. They love to share their culture – especially their love of sesame butter, and their devotion to art and community is what creates the unique Parallel experience.

Visit Parallel Brothers at 217 Geary Avenue.

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