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9 Unique Pizzas of Toronto

Looking for some tasty take-out and delivery options in the city? Pizza certainly comes top of mind and in Toronto we are blessed with pizzerias galore with styles and toppings as diverse as the city itself. According to us there’s really no rules as to what should and shouldn’t go on a pizza and with that in mind, we’ve scouted out the most uncommon, creative, and downright weird pizzas of the 6ix and will let you in on where to find them.

Pizzeria Libretto – Duck Confit

Let’s ease into things with the Duck Confit pizza at Pizzeria Libretto. Duck as a topping? That’s not too crazy, but it is unique. We even think it’s a little luxurious as far as pizza toppings go. In addition to the duck, this pie is topped with mozzarella, rosemary, and bosc pear for a sweet and salty vibe. 

Maker Pizza – Cool Hand Zucch

Maker Pizza makes pizza feel healthy with the Cool Hand Zucch pizza which is topped with zucchini. It’s also delightfully citrusy thanks to a drizzle of lemon chilli vinaigrette and fresh lemon zest. The perfect summer pizza. Pinot Grigio anyone?

Big Trouble Pizza – Butter Jam Jam 

Taking toast as inspiration, the Butter Jam Jam pizza at Big Trouble Pizza is topped with organic raspberry jam, butter, mozzarella, balsamic reduction, and lemon zest. Some would say it’s part of a balanced breakfast…

Village Pizza – Thanks Obama 

Pineapple naysayers, skip this one. The Thanks Obama pizza at Village Pizza plays on Obama’s birthplace of Honolulu and is topped with Hawaiian staples like BBQ spam and pineapple. Remember when “Thanks Obama” was a top meme? Those were the days. 

Gusto 501 – Zuca & Erbe

Maybe you find yourself in a situation where you’re really craving soup but all your friends want to go in on pizza. At Gusto 501 there’s a happy medium with the Zuca & Erbe pizza which is topped with squash purée, taleggio cheese, herbs and pine nuts. So it’s basically like butternut squash soup in pizza form. Win-win. 

North of Brooklyn – Killer Bee

It’s no surprise at Eating Through TO that we like our sweets, so we have to include the Killer Bee pizza from North of Brooklyn which is topped with sweet, sweet honey. The sweetness offsets the spice from jalapeño peppers as well as hearty Calabrese sausage and pickled red onions. 

Apiecalypse Now! – The Mighty Pouzza

It doesn’t get much more Canadian than Apiecalypse Now’s mighty pouzza pizza which is basically pizza topped with poutine. It’s also worth noting that everything on the menu here is plant-based and many items can be made gluten-free. 

Best Istanbul Restaurant – Mixed Pide

Pide is in the pizza family and is a Turkish flat bread baked with toppings in a stone oven. The mixed pide at Best Istanbul Restaurant is topped with mozzarella cheese and there are sections of chicken, beef, and spinach for a taste of everything. Go crazy and have it topped with a sunny-side up egg. 

Lamanna Bakery – Cake Pizza (Giant Slice)

Lamanna Bakery is famous for their massive slices of pizza and although most people opt for traditional pepperoni, they also offer a more celebratory option. With their giant birthday pizza slice the crust is slathered in icing and topped with pieces of cake. Pre-order only! 

Now that you’re perhaps in the mood for pizza, funky toppings or not, why not come along on a Toronto Pizza Crawl! Join us for a visit to 4 unique pizzerias and a brewery for a taste of TO’s pizza scene. Although we won’t be going for total shock value with the toppings, we promise that you’ll try something new that you’ll love. We also offer gift certificates if you’d like to gift this experience for the future! 

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