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Best of TO Food Tour

2+ hours| $180/$300 3hr/5hr | 6 Eaters max.

Simply the best, most diverse, and customizable eating tour offered in Toronto. Hop in our comfy 6-passenger black car to see the sights of TO while enjoying the best eats the city has to offer.

Your guide will take you not only to see some of the city’s most famous locations, but also show you unique ethnic pockets of the city, local hangouts, and some well-hidden gems.

Customize this tour to include local history, architecture, food themes such as ‘Taste of Canada’, ‘Sweet Tooth’s Dream’, ‘Ethnic Specialties of Toronto’ or just be surprised with a ‘Best of Toronto Tour’
If you only have one day in Toronto, make this your priority.

Starting Point: Custom Pickup
Tour Includes:

Unlimited food!
See local sites and insight
Private, comfortable transportation.
The best foodie experience in Toronto.

Queen West Pastry Crawl

Toronto's Cocktail + Tapas Crawl

Taste of Little Tokyo Tour

St. Lawrence Market

Sake A to Z: Izakaya Dinner

West End Pizza Crawl

3 hours | $65pp | 12 People max.

Pizza is loved the world over, and in Toronto we love it our own way. In fact we love it with some unusual toppings that we think you’ve got to try. That could be spam, jam, or duck confit, but as odd as they sound, the will astound. Take your taste buds on a crawl of the best of TO’s pizza scene with a local guide who will show you the ropes of the hip west end. 
Come hungry as we’ll be hitting 5 pizza joints, each with their own specialties. Learn about ovens, doughs, and pizza history along the way. 

Tour Includes:

Local Guide with Passion for Pizza
Visit to 5 Fabulous Pizzerias
Meet Chefs and Learn the TO Pizza Scene

China Town Dumpling Crawl

2.5 hours | $65pp | 12 People max.

Toronto’s China Town is both authentic and dynamic. However it can often be overwhelming. We have curated a food crawl of the best, and most diverse dumplings from China’s various regions for you to feast upon. Learn the names of iconic dim sum classics, try the famously juicy soup dumplings, and get a glimpse of what is to come at a modern  tea house. Dust off your chop stick skills and dive in. 

Tour Includes:

Local Foodie Guide
Visit to 5 Dumpling Houses
Bubble Tea
A Sweet Finish

Queen West Pastry Crawl

2.5 hours | $75pp | 12 People max.

Travel with a local foodie to find the best pastries in the city. Walk down Queen St. West- voted by Vogue as the world’s 2nd hippest neighbourhood. Learn the fascinating roots of your pastry from exiled kings to humble nuns. We’ll end at a chic Argentine café to try a south American specialty- Alfajores. Indulging in 4 divine pastries is tough work so we’ll walk it off in graffiti alley for a photo shoot where you can see Toronto’s best street art.

Tour Includes:

Local Guide with a Sweet Tooth
Visit to 4 Fabulous Bakeries
Polaroid Photo shoot in Graffiti Alley
Yerba Mate

Camino de Tapas + Cocktails

3.5 hours | $160pp | 12 People max.

Toronto’s cocktail scene is, quite frankly, fabulous. Cocktails wet the appetite and thus you must have equally mouth-watering tapas while you drink. That is why two of Toronto’s top 10 Restaurants will be featured on this high-end food crawl as well as a newcomer to the city.

Begin the tour with traditional tapas and sherry-based cocktails in an authentic Spanish tapas bar. Learn about tapas culture as you socialize Spanish style. Then head down the road to enjoy variations on tapas and drinks with a French-Cantonese flair. End on a high note and get funky with a 70’s theme bar featuring soul food, and cocktails as stylish as the bar their served at. Come for the food, stay for the music.

Tour Includes:

Local Guide with a Passion for Mixology
Visit to 3 of Toronto’s top Restaurants
3 Craft Cocktails
Tapas at all Locations (equivalent to a full meal)

Taste of Little Tokyo Tour

2 hours | $80pp | 12 People max.

Toronto’s newest cultural pocket has attracted famous food and fashion brands such as Muji, Pablo Cheesecake, and Tsujiri Matcha. Not to mention the locally owned and time-tested Izakayas and sushi restaurants on the strip. However, we often forget that Japanese food isn’t just sushi. Come enjoy the diversity of savoury, spicy, crunchy, and sweet that all contribute to Japanese cuisine. Your guide will take through Little Tokyo for Japanese curry, octopus balls (better than they sound) fried chicken, matcha desserts, and of course use your feedback to declare the best Japanese Cheesecake between two hot competitors in the neighbourhood.

As you taste, enjoy learning about Toronto’s history, the evolution of the area, as well as cultural insights into Japanese culture and cuisine. End up in a traditional izakaya bar for a final drink and some snacks. This is simply the best way to socialize in Japan, and if you manage to still be hungry after the tour you can always stay for more. 


Tour Includes:

Local Guide with a Passion for Japanese Cuisine
Visit to 5+ of Little Tokyo’s Restaurants
A Beer or Sake
Food Tastings at All Locations (equivalent to a full meal or MORE)

St. Lawrence Market Food Tour

3 hours | $80pp | 12 People max.

Visitors often miss Toronto’s ‘Old Town’ due to the rows of sparkling high-rise buildings. Nestled just east of these towers is a collection of brick and stone buildings that hold the history of Toronto’s humble beginnings. Among these buildings is The St. Lawrence Market- A world class food market which no visitor to the city should miss out on. Come devour some Canadian classics and meet the owners of the stalls in the food market. 

St. Lawrence offers a mix of international cuisines but we want to show you the best Canadian dishes and local ingredients such as butter tarts, peameal bacon sandwiches, a spicy caesar* and so much more.

*Non alcohol options available. 

Tour Includes:

Passionate Local Foodie Guide
7+ Local Specialties to Feast Upon
(equivalent to a full meal or MORE)
Caesar Cocktail (or alternative upon request)
A short historical walk of Toronto’s Old Town

Sake A to Z: Izakaya Dinner

2 hours | $80pp | 12 People max.

Experience sake like never before! Sake is a brewed beverage made from rice, produced in Japan for centuries. On Sake A to Z learn all about the history of the drink, the unique terminology, styles, and grades with a certified sake professional.

Take in the beauty of the area- Toronto’s Distillery District, sip some local beer if you’re inclined, and then delve into sake with a premium tasting flight of Japanese Sake paired with traditional ‘izakaya’ dishes from Boku Noodle Bar. Taste and learn to discern between styles and grades.  You’ll leave a true sake master!

Tour Includes:

Expert Guide with Sake certification
Historical Tour of the Distillery District
Sake seminar with 5-part tasting
Traditional Japanese Bar Snacks

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