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Ice Cream Menu Death in Venice Gelato Toronto Dundas West

Death in Venice Gelato

Cool your cravings on Dundas West

Death in Venice Gelato on Dundas West has a story worth telling. A story of passion. A story of creativity. A very tasty story.

Owner Kaya came from Istanbul to Canada in 2002. After studying industrial engineering, he pursued Food Science. This lead to years of professional restaurant work in Europe and North America including stages at Michelin star restaurants and Toronto’s own Scaramouche. All this experience added up to an iconic win on Chopped Canada for his Ricotta, Rosemary, and Lemon Gelato.

death in venice lemon rosemary ricotta gelato toronto dundas west

The prize money was used to buy Death in Venice’s first gelato machine. Years later, Kaya and his partner Maddalena have roughly 52 Unique flavours of gelato spanning from sweet to savoury, from spicy to bitter.

Ice Cream Menu Death in Venice Gelato Toronto Dundas West

The diversity of ingredients reflect the diversity of Toronto, and that of the international past of the team.

We love to be surprised and Death in Venice keeps surprising us with awesome combos like:

  • Pear, Brie, and Walnut.
  • White Truffle, Maple, and Sage.
  • Tiramisu and Marsala.
  • Mango, Coconut and Lime Leaf

Discover your favourite new flavour at 1418 Dundas West.

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