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Sakai Bar

Ask about a secret sake menu on Dundas West

Sakai Bar is Toronto’s cutest sake bar. Clad with traditional Japanese lights and finishings, you’ll feel the cozy tranquility of a local restaurant in Japan.

Owner Stu Sakai has a background working with sake in Toronto, and spent time as an educator at Ontario Spring Water Sake Co. in the Distillery District – Toronto’s only Sake Brewery. He has also studied with Michael Trembley, Canada’s first Sake Samurai.

japanese mackerel sakai bar toronto sake bar dundas west

There is a saying in Japan, “Sake never fights with food.” All the dishes at Sakai bar are designed to go with the array of different sake styles from regions all across Japan. The menu even has a prefectural map so that you can better understand where your Nihonshu comes from. Stu and his staff are also happy to nerd out and educate guests.

Squash Gomae Sakai Bar Toronto Sake on Dundas West

Cuisine in Japan is both regional and seasonal. You will find many vegetable-based dishes that reflect the season of your dining experience. Recently we enjoyed a Squash Gomae on a cool November evening, alongside poached trout and buckwheat cake for dessert.

Sakai Bar Sake Toronto Japanese Pickles

The one must-eat, that is simple, but the perfect sake pairing is the Oshinko Pickles. Made in house and ever changing, they will set your palate for further exploration.

Sakai Bar is located at 1576 Dundas St. West

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