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Saudade Portuguese Housewares and Gifts Little Portugal Toronto

Saudade Portuguese Design

Keeping Portuguese tradition alive with innovative design + sentiment on Dundas West.

While visiting with owner Nancy Fernandes, she attempted to explain to us what Saudade is. A word that is so perfectly understood by a Portuguese speaker becomes clunky in translation. However the idea can be understood. Saudade – a sentimental yearning for a former person, place or thing.


For this reason, the shop is full of items that remind Nancy and her business partner Fatima of time spent in Portugal. When you step into the shop you’ll be transported to a side-street of Lisbon.

On display, you’ll find gorgeous hand-made dishes, soaps, textiles, and housewares all brimming with charm. And catching our eyes: A wall stocked full of gourmet imports from Portugal. Featured are preserves such as pumpkin and walnut jam to serve with bread or cheese, high-quality olive oil and spices, and the iconic sardine cans – a staple of the seaside cuisine.


Even if you haven’t been to Portugal you may start to feel a yearning to be somewhere else, where all of these lovely sights and smells originate from. We love this spot to buy gifts (for ourselves) and others, that support Toronto’s Portuguese community, and a set of young female entrepreneurs.

Want to see more of what Saudade offers? Check their website.

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