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Emblem Flowers

Emblem Flowers brings beauty into an otherwise rough around the edges street – and we mean that in the nicest way possible, Geary Avenue. Featuring arrangements created from locally and internationally-grown flowers, Emblem is located in a bright industrial space and is always filled with vibrant colours, textures, and scents. 

The Emblem team specializes in creating lush, classical arrangements for both large events and home settings. Seasonal garden urns are also their thing. 

In 2013, Todd Caldwell took over the business and his affinity for the outdoors comes through in the studio’s creations. Growing up, Todd gained a deep love of botany and the natural world from his father who worked as a wildlife biologist. Todd now carries his love of flowers with him wherever he goes. 

Visit Emblem Flowers are 72 Geary Avenue.

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