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Yongehurst Distillery

Producing Toronto’s first ever small batch rum, Yongehurst Distillery fills a void in the city’s cocktail scene. A labour of love from long-time friends Rocco Panacci and John-Paul Sacco, Yongehurst opens its doors every weekend to sell its fantastically smooth Harbour Rum as well as vodka, kasutori shochu, gin, and triple sec. 

Situated in the up-and-coming neighbourhood around Geary Avenue, Yongehurst is open Friday through Sunday, but as a family-run business it’s best to check their social media for day-to-day hours. Stop in for samples on the distillery floor and pick-up some of their products just in time for the weekend.  

With a focus on quality ingredients, innovative recipes, and solid execution, they have developed a double distillation method for their rum using organic molasses from Paraguay and a wild yeast strain from Ontario russet apples. The result is a deliciously sippable product best shared among friends and family. 

Youngehurst releases small batch products regularly, so there’s always something new to look forward to. A few past examples are the limoncello, elderflower gin, harvest spiced rum, and apple brandy. 

Visit Yongehurst Distillery at 346 Westmoreland Avenue.

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