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Best Take-Out Spots Along Ossington Avenue

Ossington Avenue is a treasure trove of unique shops, restaurants, and chic bars. Although the street is a bit quieter these days (kudos to everyone for social distancing!) there are still opportunities to support local businesses. Some of our favourite food destinations still have their storefronts open for take-out and we’re excited to share the list, so you can eat well at home. 

Bang Bang Ice Cream

With warmer weather on the way, Bang Bang Ice Cream is a welcome treat. We recommend getting the ice cream of your choice between two cookies for a decadent ice cream sandwich. 

Bellwoods Brewery Bottle Shop

Our favourite summer patio may be closed, but the delicious brews of Bellwoods Brewery can be picked up at their bottle shop. Facetime beers anyone? 

Bobbie Sue’s

Just off of Ossington, you’ll find a colourful shack that exclusively serves some of the best mac and cheese in the city. Opt for The Classic Mac, or one of their nostalgic creations like Green Trees with broccoli and chili paste. There’s even a Vegan Mac which uses locally-made Nona Sauce. 

Bar Sybanne

Recreate the Bar Sybanne experience at home by ordering up some Mediteranean sharing plates. A combination we like is the Eggplant Dip, Beef and Lamb Kibbeh Sliders, and Fried Brussel Leaves. And maybe shake up a cocktail to accompany your feast. 

Golden Turtle

Considered by many “The Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Toronto” we’re not sleeping on Golden Turtle as a great take-out option. The pho is pho-nomenal and they also have thai style dishes like pad thai. You get the best of both worlds. 

Odd Seoul

The Korean-American menu at Odd Seoul snackbar is so crave-worthy. The Buffalo Tofu makes for a great starter and the Sizzling Brick Chicken with radish wraps is a flavour parade. It’s also worth noting that you can order beer and liquor – soju time! 

Venezia Bakery

Specializing in Portuguese bread and baked goods, Venezia Bakery is a go-to for your daily essentials. And yes, we’re including Portuguese tarts in that category. 


Located in the Kitchen of Baby Huey’s, Maizal supports local farmers, sustainable food and zero waste initiatives – so you can feel good about your take-out order. They are currently offering fresh and nutritious Tortillas, Totopo Chips, and Masa. 

We hope this list helps inspire your next take-out order and that you are staying safe and eating great! For more tried and true spots on Ossington, check out our Ossington Strip Neighbourhood Guide which covers treats, food + drink, and even shopping (many stores take orders online). Happy browsing! 

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