Eating Through TO

Taste of Little Taipei

3 hours | $75pp | 12 People max.

While it’s not quite official yet, we like to stay ahead of emerging Toronto neighbourhoods and the Yonge St. corridor from Bloor to Dundas has been evolving the last few years into a food hub of Taiwanese snacks, tea houses, and noodles shops reminiscent of Taipei. Taiwanese Beef noodle, gua baos, soup dumplings, shaved ice, Taiwanese fried chicken, as well as what is probably the highest concentration of bubble tea shops in the city can all be found in this little section of Toronto with not only the taste but the feel one of Asia’s most famous foodie destinations.

Whether you can’t catch a flight to Taipei or want to do a little research before you visit, this tour will take you through the unique dishes of this island nation off the coast of China that is already considered a must-eat destination with numerous features about their cuisine in everything from CNN to Eater to the New York Times, and is one of the hottest emerging food trends of 2019. Taiwanese cuisine mixes Chinese, Japanese, + international influences with a taste that’s all it’s own.

Tour Includes:

6+ Taiwanese Food Tastings
Bubble Tea
Learn the History of Taiwanese Food
Passionate Foodie Guide

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