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Virtual Coffee Tasting

Virtual Coffee Tasting Event Toronto
60 MINS | $125pp | 6 People mIN

Unbox your tasting kit for an interactive experience that will up your coffee appreciation. First dive into the fascinating history of coffee from a humble goat herder named Kaldi to the development new wave coffee. Next, sip your way to success in a guided home coffee cupping, comparing 3 unique expressions. Finally you’ll learn to make the perfect pour over from a professional Barista. 

Select your theme:
• Roast Variation Tasting (ground)
• Single Origin Tasting (whole bean)

Event Includes:

60 Minute Guided Tasting Event 
Coffee Tasting Kit:
– 3 Bags of Propeller Coffee
– Hario V60 Pourover Cone
– Hario Carafe
– Brewing Filters
– Golden Cupping Spoon
Ground Shipping across Canada

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